Pickup and Drop-Off

Students wait in line before recess at Richfield STEM School

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedure

  • R-STEM families will continue to enter and exit the parking lot off 12th Avenue. 
  • 70th Street will be used by RDLS families to enter and exit.
  • The RDLS parking lot will be closed to all RSTEM family traffic.
  • During our arrival and departure times,  entrances from 70th Street will be coned off.  
  • Barricades will be set up to separate the RDLS parking lot and from the RSTEM parking lot.  
  • Upon entering the parking lot from 12th Avenue, cars should proceed around the parking lot in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Please continue to travel slowly and safely inside our parking lot.

Drop Off:

  • Vehicles should continue down the drop off lane pulling as far forward or as close to the exit onto 12th Avenue as possible.  
  • Students may enter the building at Door 12 (Northeast corner of the building, close to family drop off) or the Main Entrance.  
  • Cars will only be permitted to take a right turn when exiting the parking lot onto 12th Avenue. 
  • Families that chose to park and walk their students into the building should walk their students to the curb.  Crosswalk signs will be placed on cones to remind cars to slow down and to guide families where to cross.
  • Please do not drop off your child(ren) before 7:15 a.m.

Pick Up:

  • Cars will enter and exit the parking lot the same as for drop offs. 
  • Families will continue to have the pink student pick up cards displayed.
  • Families who choose to park and pick their student will continue to line up in-person outside of Door 12.  All families that come to Door 12 will need to have their Pink Student Pick Up Card with them.  This will ensure that students are being released to the correct adult.  There will be a staff member at Door 12 who will call into the building to have your child(ren) sent to Door 12.

RDLS & R-STEM Pick-Up & Drop-Off

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